Interesting fact in regards to Pokemon Go: the company that developed it, Niantic Inc, started off as a side project inside Google. Its founder, John Hanke, used to be the Vice President of Product Management for Google’s “Geo” branch (the branch that deals with Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View and similar products).
It’s the same Google that hooked up with Hillary Clinton’s team and Al Jazeera network a few years ago to spread and amplify information about the unrest in Syria (renaming streets in Damascus for ideological purposes in real time, as the events were unfolding, along the way) to “encourage more dissent” in the effort to overthrow the lawful president Assad. As of today, that venture has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands and the displacement of millions more.
Prior to his Google years, John Hanke used to work for the US State Department, dealing with foreign policy matters…
Remember how social media was utilised to facilitate the, so called, Arab Spring in the early 2010s and the Euromaidan riots in 2013-2014 (all the elites needed was to get a bunch of impressionable idiots into the main city square, and then they began initiating the algorithms initially developed by a historian/sociologist Gene Sharp, progressively turning the peaceful protest into mass riots that got over 100 people killed, overthrowing the government and dragging the country into a bloodbath civil war)? Social media manipulation is no joke. And the governments/intelligence agencies understand that well.
Pokemon Go, in theory, can serve as a very convenient tool for crowd manipulation, and former Google and the US State Department employees being behind the product adds certain funk to it.
In the meantime, try to google what sort of companies provide satellite data to Google, and then check the background of the people who founded those companies. Lots of food for thought you will find.

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