The Art of Doping Scandals

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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All professional athletes use drugs, ranging from outright (advanced and hardly detectable) steroids to relatively harmless painkillers and “vitamins”. For instance, pretty much all Norwegian skiers get themselves diagnosed with asthma to take performance enhancing anti-asthma meds. There are multiple substances that can be detected in athletes’ blood. The decision on what goes on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) ban list is made on purely political grounds.


Thus, Meldonium (the stuff that got Sharapova disqualified earlier this year), an anti-ischemia medication that, in theory, supposed to decrease the risk of heart attacks (although the Soviet tests that were conducted during the 1970s only showed significant results on animals; human research has been inconclusive and it’s been prescribed since mostly for the Placebo effect) was banned only because it has been used by the Eastern European athletes. Moreover, the improved screening technologies can detect very marginal trace amounts in the blood stream these days, and Meldonium leaves metabolites that don’t leave the body for, like, 4-5 months. So, given that the updated WADA ban-list is released at the end of the year (either in October or November), there was no way the athletes could clean themselves up before January 2016.

It seems like WADA and various organisations within the IMO/IAAF are being utilised for the Cold War 2.0. They removed wrestling from the Olympic program (athletes from the Caucasus region have always been dominating this kind of sport, brining Russian Federation gold and silver medals), and now we have the Meldonium travesty, as well as the “doping scandal” with Russian track & field athletes being banned from Rio 2016 (Russian women are traditionally dominant in this, with no real competition from other white female athletes).

It’s also funny how Rodchenkov, the “whistleblower”, who supposedly used to curate the “doping program” in Russia now holds a key role in WADA.

I’ve always been wondering what kind medications and “vitamins” do athletes from the US Swimming Team take…


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