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In the main news.

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Animals, ChDV's life, Music, Polls, Rants, Technology

I’m going to be brief today.

Came up to this poster. This is so true.


Bought a new set of earhones yesterday – Yamaha EPH-20.

I used to have Yamaha EPH-30 (2 times in a row), but the last pare broke 2 days ago, and I couldn’t wait so I bough these as a temporary solution. I’m not impressed. They don’t produce much bass, so some songs of The Prodigy and old Tiesto’s tunes don’t sound so well through these. Also, the overall quality is quite poor. I tried listening to Xpander by Sasha through these earphones, and I nearly vomited. It just sounded crappy in comparison to good old Yamaha EPH-30. I would have to buy something better as soon as possible. Jim Wang recommended me a set of Fischer Audio Eterna. I read some reviews. They look good. I will consider buying these in the next couple of weeks for around $85 (including shipment to Australia).


I gained 3 kg in the last 8 days.


I hate Australian weather! This heat is killing me. I can’t function normally in any temperature above 27 degrees C. I prefer staying at home these days, with air conditioner working on a full capacity. Unfortunately, I have to get out of here sometimes, money don’t grow on trees anywhere near our place, and I still need to purchase lots of stuff. Each trip to the city (or even to a nearby shop) is like a torture. The humidity doesn’t add any enjoyment either. I sweat like a dog, and the sweat doesn’t evaporate much, which reflects on my natural cooling mechanisms…. I’m looking at Weather Tab on my iGoogle at this very moment. It doesn’t promise anything good. This shit will continue governing Queensland for, at least, another 4 days. Hope I’m not going to die.




I’m planning to release the Random SMS Trivia (Volume 3) withing the next week. Then, I will have to make a looooong break. Only 2-3 people reply to these messages nowadays, and the replies have declined in quality. So, I would rather entertain myself in a different way for the next 5 months, or so.


Also, I want you to read this:

You might want to read this as well:

Now, watch this:

He is one of my childhood heroes. I’m just saying :)


Oh! By the way…

Anyone keen on going to Family Nightclub tonight (Saturday)? The entrance is quite expensive this time. It will be $35 on the door. And the club will be packed to its full capacity, I bet it.

I know I’ll be there for sure ;). If you aren’t keen on spending such money for a club visit, don’t worry about me, I’m not going to be bored there, even “by myself” :).

Send me a text if you’re interested in going. You will not regret this. :)


Just another time-waster.

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Internet, Polls

Found this service to play with. You can upload texts into Wordle (either by giving it an URL or copying some writings directly), and it will form these beautiful word clouds that consist of the most frequently used words in your text.

For example, this is the last 10 posts (not including this one) in “Friday begins on Monday”.

Of course, you can change background, fonts, rearrange shapes, etc. Can be pretty fun for 10 minutes, or so.

By the way, something I need to know:

A few words about dying PC-gaming.

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Games, Polls

Blizzard Entertainment has sold over 4.7 million copies of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in the first month after its release. And that saddens me, my friends.

Think about it. An expansion set, an addon to the game that was originally released back in 2004, easily beats StarCraft 2 in less than 30 days! MMORPG is still the most popular game-genre among PC players, and that what weakens PC as a gaming platform. There is no need to go and buy yourself an upgrade in form of a new graphics card if the only thing you do on your computer is overplaying the game that is 6 years old! Low demand for new and powerful hardware leads to some financial difficulties for the companies that develop it, forcing them to find alternative ways to stay alive, which, overall, slows the progress badly.

Game developers can’t develop new games with high quality graphics for PCs, because they wouldn’t be able to sell them to anyone. Nobody has a computer that could run these games on high settings! The only way to survive is to make games for consoles, Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3, but the progress in video-game industry is going slow anyway, because those platforms don’t have to compete with PC anymore…

The current, 7th generation of video-game consoles has lived the usual 5-years life spam already (Xbox 360 was released during the end of 2005, which was 5 years after the release of PlayStation 2, the first console of the 6th generation), and there are no announced plans for any 8th generation game consoles yet (of course, there have been some minor modifications along the way, such as PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 S, plus a few addons, such as Kinect and EyeToy (also, they are the things that should be banned for the sake of technological progress!!!), but they are, basically, the same consoles as they used to be anyway, just with a slightly improved hardware characteristics). The competition isn’t that tough anymore to try to invent something significantly better and more powerful.

Back to PC. What exclusive titles have been released on personal computers since 2007? The first Crysis (the second one will be multiplatform), StarCraft 2, Civilization V, a few other RTS games that nobody really cared about (I’m not counting multiplatforms, such as CoD’s and NFS’s, in, because they hardly represent PC as a platform)… And the biggest PC titles of 2010 have been outperformed (in terms of sales) by some expansion set for a dorky game that was released back in 2004! That’s RATHER sad.

Console world is far more interesting, at the moment. So many good game franchises in there, from Halo to Killzone, from Mass Effect to Uncharted, from Final Fantasy to Heavy Rain.

I miss the good old times, when PC had its own big and exclusive titles. We all remember enjoying playing the games of such series as Heroes of Might & Magic, Age of Empires, DOOM, Warcraft (I’m talking about RTS series!), Diablo, Half-Life, the first Far Cry and F. E. A. R…. Lot’s of good memories.

Today, unfortunately, as it seems, MMORPGs are holding the industry back, and there is nothing anybody can really do to change it…. :(

So, yeah, WoW is the one to blame!

And, of course,  as it usually happens, nobody cares. Let’s go back and continue playing Angry Birds…


P. S. By the way…

Poll Post (serious).

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Polls

This poll post is actually serious, unlike the previous one.

First of all…


On Linguistics…


Just out of interest…


In 1961, USSR became the first “nation” to send a human being into space. A few months later, Americans did the same thing. In 2003, China managed to join the “Space club” by independently sending a man into space…. Who will be next?


Browsing methods…


And finally…



Poll Post

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Will post as soon as possible.

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Polls, Software, Technology

Sorry for not updating this blog for more than 3 days. Both of my computers are down. My personal desktop doesn’t want to load the OS, and my laptop doesn’t turn on for an unknown reason. I suspect that it’s a hardware issue, which does make sense. I had it since 2008.

Now, I’m trying to find a Windows 7 installation disk (which I lost somewhere in my room about 3 months ago) to try to resurrect my desktop.

I’m still able to surf the Net and access Facebook via my iPhone 4, but the mobile version of Google Reader is rather dodge, so I haven’t read any of your blogs since December 22.

I’m addicted to the Web.. and I’m suffering without a proper access to it…. severely!

Trying to be back as soon as possible.  

P. S. Oh! And by the way!

New layout on Facebook.

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Internet, Polls