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Google+ vs. Facebook.

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Internet, Software, Technology

I’ve been actively using Google+ for a week now, and I believe that I gained enough experience to be able to share some early thoughts on it.

So, as you, hopefully, already know, Google+ is a third attempt of the search giant to succeed on the market of social networks (with Orkut and Google Buzz being the first two). The concept is fairly similar to Facebook, with a few key differences, which, potentially, can make FB look like an underdeveloped parody on MySpace. In this posts, I just want to highlight a few reasons why Google+ might be better than Facebook (and vice versa).

Without further ado, here is my personal reasons why I might choose G+ over FB.

1. Circles. This is the feature that allows you to break your contacts into different categories and share information with each category accordingly. On Facebook, all your contacts are labeled as “friends”, and everything you post is visible to everyone (of course, you can dance around with the privacy settings and change that, but, very often, it is too inconvenient to be bothered with). On Google+, Circles flow more naturally, in this particular aspect. What that means is that you can upload pictures of yourself vomiting at a wild party, not worrying that your parents, teachers or employers will see them. Also, some of you, who have your parents on Facebook, have probably encountered this issue when your friends tag you in some pictures that you would rather prefer to keep unpublished. With Google+ Circles, this issue will be left in the past. It is also possible to post some personal cryouts and controversial rants, making sure that only a limited amount of trustworthy people will see them. Very convenient, I must say.

2. Practically unlimited post length. Yep, you heard me. Facebook only allows 420 characters per status update, and Twitter limits you to 140. On G+, you can post an entire essay as your status update (when I was testing this feature, I copy-pasted the first seven chapters of War and Peace, and it freaking worked!). Some might say that this would turn messy, as there are some people who like to flood and spam, so the news feed (Stream, as it is called on Google+) will become completely unreadable. Well, that wont happen. Google engineers/UI-designers have adopted “expand-collapse” technique, which works the same way as “See more” feature in long comments on Facebook. So, you only get to see a preview of the post (only the first few lines), and then you can click “expand” button to read the rest. That’s what I was waiting for since the time I first registered on Facebook.

3. You can edit your posts and comments, correcting your spelling and grammatical mistakes AFTER you post them. Nuff said.

4. Integration with other Google services. We all know that Google Inc has hundreds of cool products, such as Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Maps, etc. Their engineers have been working really hard to create APIs, which now allow all these integrations. Having all the Google depth attached to your G+ profile, makes your user experience truly a must have!

5. Hangouts. That’s something interesting. Hangouts is a service that allows you to have group video-calls with your contacts (so far, it is limited to 10 people per session, I think). That can be very fun. All the calls are powered by Google Talk, which is a primary competitor of Skype.

6. It’s developed by Google! I’ve always been a huge fan of Google and all their products. A social network developed by my favorite search giant is a pretty cool concept to begin with :)

Though I am very enthusiastic about Google+, there are still some things that I would miss about Facebook in case if it goes down.

These things include:

1. Facebook Groups. This, probably, has been one of my favorite features introduced by Zuckerberg’s team lately. You can create these specific groups, invite people to join them and then work cooperatively on some projects (like an assignment writing), or just do some study sessions, together, having all the access to a group chat, image uploading services, and all the other cool stuff. It’s been really fun for me to host some of these study groups I created during the first semester. I totally loved the sense of unity these groups were creating for our fellow psychology students. So far, I haven’t seen anything similar on Google+.

2. Trolling opportunities. Yes, my dear friends. I love Facebook for the tools it presents, which could be utilized to annoy the crap out of people. You can, for example, write a silly note and tag up to 30 people in it, everyone will see it and there is a high chance for the info to go viral and hit hundreds, if not thousands, of Facebook users all around the Network. Same could be done with pictures and Events. While it is considered by many as a great tool to assist spammers and crappy bands, who invite you to the events you’ll never go to, I see it as a great tool to stir people up a little, using a right approach, for the sake of LULz. At this very moment, I can hardly imagine how something like this could be done on Google+. Though, G+ has only been active for 2 weeks, and I’m pretty sure that we would be able to come up with some dirty ways to utilize their tools for Evil too, in a not so distant future :)

3. Stalking people. In contradiction with my love for G+ Circles, I would miss the opportunity to stalk an spy on people on Facebook :(. (and I do this quite often, FYI). Google+ privacy tools are thought-through just way too well…


Okay, those were my personal thoughts on Google+ vs. Facebook saga, that only has just began. Bare in mind that Google+ is still in beta, and that some new features are likelly to be added to the network in the next couple of months. Also, don’t forget that Facebook is still one of the World’s most powerful IT corporations, and that they employ some of the world’s best and most talented developers, so we can assume that FB still has some not-yet-introduced features up their sleeve.

Anyway, I’m observing this battle with a grate interest and a really big bag of popcorn!

Stay tuned!


Hardcore memes.

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Internet, Just for LULz, Music, Psychology

It’s been a while since the last time I posted here. Now, when this Uni semester is almost over, I can promise to be a little bit more active on the web.

In this post, I just want to show you a few “Hardcore memes” images (as I like to call them), which I created while procrastinating during my pre-exams study week.

I tried to make them really nerdy and geeky. These memes are based on science and some other topics, which wouldn’t be interesting for most people.

This is Anti-Joke Chicken. She always begins with a joke set-up, and ends up saying something totally obvious and unfunny, which, in such circumstances, turns out to be hilarious as hell. This one is pretty straightforward, just telling the facts as they are.

This meme is relatively new. It always features an image of Fry (Futurama character), in which he looks hard into something, trying to tell the difference between two things. It’s most commonly used with the captions “Can’t tell if trolling or just stupid” to comment on ridiculous questions on Yahoo! Answers. Here, he implies that the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency look similar to what you might expect seeing in people who suffer from a clinical depression (in older people, vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease, in worst case scenarios). So, I would advice that you get outside more often and eat fish. :)

This is Hipster Kitty. She always knows everything before it gets popular or becomes known to public. You can frequently see this meme on the web with the captions like “Lady Gaga? Do you mean Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?” or “I was a fan of Justin Beiber back in the times when he was only on YouTube“. I was trying to make this “hardcore” by targeting artists/bands, who aren’t known by most of the people nowadays anyway. Only a few trance-nerds would know a project named “Gouryella”, which was a collaboration between Tijs Verwest (Tiesto) and Ferry Corsten back in 1999. And even a fewer number of people would know that, before “Gouryella”, they already worked on music production together under the alias “Vimana”. Some might have heard of Vimana (the track “We Came” was a dancefloor killer during the late 1990’s), but not many people realize that it’s actually a trace-duo consisting of young Tiesto and Ferry Corsten.

Bill O’Relly is a famous American TV-host and political commentator (you can read more on the origin of this meme on Gram staining is a method by which biologists classify bacteria either as gram-positive or gram-negative (by soaking them in chemicals, which react with bacterial cell wall and cause it to change colour in a certain way). This methods provides lots of vital information about the bacteria (e. g. which drug would be efficient at destroying them, how they might adapt to their environment, etc). I think it would be hilarious if O’Relly said that in scientific context.

And here is Xzibit boasting about APA (American Psychological Association) in-text referencing style, which causes headache for the majority of first-year Psychology students. Xzibit is doing so in the same manner as he was doing his presentations in “Pimp Your Ride” TV show on MTV a few years ago. Try to google “yo dawg” to see more images of this sort.

And here is a bonus Rage Comics style image I made a few days ago. It’s not “hardcore”, but I like it anyway :)

Stay Tuned!

Communicational crutches.

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Internet

My grandma is turning 70 today. Yesterday I spend a decent amount of time writing her a Happy Birthday email, plus telling her about my current life, describing Uni, etc. The letter turned out relatively long, over 1200 words. What’s interesting, it was the first personal letter I wrote in a long, long time where I was suppose to avoid using smiley faces ( :), :-) ), or any other types of emoticons , which I constantly use when talking to my friends online.

My grandparents aren’t so Internet savvy, so I doubt that they would be able to interpret “:)” as a smiley face. So I had to rely on the good old informal, but understandable, Russian to get my emotions across only by using the dynamics of the language itself.

Well, I mean, emoticons are great, they assist in demonstrating your mood in e-writing, but let’s not forget that our language is already flexible enough to allow any kind of tricks and expressions, only by using the correct punctuation and sentence structure.

Have a try in writing long pieces of texts to people you know sometime, without using any slang, emoticons or acronyms/abbreviations (such as LOL, ROFL, WTF, FML, etc), keeping it informal only twisting the standard language. Really helps to flex your thinking :).


Posted: March 18, 2011 in Internet, Just for LULz, Music, Software, Technology

Humanity has come a long way through the 40 000 years of its existence. We’ve build cities and societies, developed economies and political systems, created Civilization and pursued the Science.

Our technologies have jumped enormously in the last couple of centuries. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians have been working shoulder to shoulder together, creating new inventions and advancing our society.

The Era of Renaissance and the invention of printing press that spread literature and scientific written materials all over the Europe, the Age of Enlightenment that gave use the steam engine and electricity! All the British, German and American mathematicians and engineers in the late XIX and the early XX centuries who contributed to the development of computer science and the subsequential invention of electronic computing machines. All the early programmers and software developers who made computers truly user-friendly, allowing Global computerization. All the DARPA engineers and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the Internet and the World Wide Web. All the big IT corporations who stimulated the growth of the virtual world – I thank them all for the MASSIVE progress our Civilization have faced.

All these inventions, all these advances and technologies, all of these came down together so I could show you this:

Today is Friday!!! Partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!). Partyin’ Partyin’ (yeah!). Fun fun fun!

Happy Friday, EvErYbOdY!!!!!!

Many of us have hundreds of Facebook friends whom we only met once in our life, so, after a certain point, it becomes hard to remember who they are and what they did to you.

I think there is one thing Facebook team can do to ease things up for people.

They should allow adding labels to people in your friendlist. The labels that could only be seen by you.

This optional labelling would look something like this:

I think it would be quite useful.

I will write an email to Facebook development team and ask them to add this feature.

This is already about 6 months old, but I’ll post anyway.


Also, look what people come to this blog for! That’s the most popular search queries that lead to Friday begins on Monday for the last 30 days.

And that’s only because I once wrote one harmless post with a funny title – “Porn: Legacy”.

This data suggests one thing, and that thing is pretty well explained in the following video:


Well, if one funny word in a title brings such popularity to my blog, then I think I know what I have to do.

Let’s say “hello” to all the search engines by writing the following paragraph (don’t read it! NSFW!):

Porn, sex, fuck, hot, teen, schoolgirl, ass, tits, boobs, cock, dick, gay, pussy, lesbians, cum, 16 years old girl, 18, 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, Justine Bieber, rape, uniform, gangbang, MILF, mature, amature, school, interracial, ebony, black, asian, latina, japanese, russian, german, indian, brazilian, dirty, blowjob, titjob, handjob, hardcore, paris hilton video, nightcam, slut, cream pie, fetish, toys, solo, bi, threesome, group, DP, double penetration, twilight, two hot schoolgirls playing with each other on a pool table in a basement, drunk blonde cheerleader gets gangbanged by 6 black cocks in an ice-castle, convict seduces prison guard and his wild boar dog, japanese speech-writers drawing flowers on the sand, eating popcorn and puking into each other’s ass holes.


I bet this post will get its first 500 hits within the next 12 hours (after publishing) :)

Just another time-waster.

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Internet, Polls

Found this service to play with. You can upload texts into Wordle (either by giving it an URL or copying some writings directly), and it will form these beautiful word clouds that consist of the most frequently used words in your text.

For example, this is the last 10 posts (not including this one) in “Friday begins on Monday”.

Of course, you can change background, fonts, rearrange shapes, etc. Can be pretty fun for 10 minutes, or so.

By the way, something I need to know: